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 Top 6 skills to earn money and get a job in 2022 

 We all have education and degree with us. But many of us lack one of the most important things which is a skill. We need some skills nowadays to earn money or get a good job. Without Skills, we are much back than others having some skills.
Here we are listing some real and important skills which will surely pay you lakhs per month if you master any of one skill.

List of Skills one should have:-

  1. Coding
  2. Video editing
  3. Digital marketing
  4. Graphic designer
  5. Content writer
  6. Teaching


Coding or you can say programming language has become a very important thing to learn nowadays because it has the most jobs compared to any other industry nowadays.


Video editing

In the age of Youtube, TikTok, Instagram reels, and many other video platforms there is a huge need for video editors.
After the entry of high-speed internet, we have seen a massive development in content creators. The number of content creators has increased very fastly and which led to huge competition among content creators.
Everybody needs good content to deliver to its audience and to create good content one also needs a good video editor who can make their content look much better than others using effects and man more things.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the most needed thing by not only the big companies, and industries but also a great thing for the small business. In fact, every company and business nowadays needs digital marketing. This is so because the world has moved to digital. Now almost all the people have mobile or are connected to the internet. So to reach the maximum number of consumers we need to get digital. So an expert in digital marketing can make this thing happen easily.

Graphic Designer

When I think of graphic design, things like billboards, logos, magazines, video games, vector graphics, and raster graphics all spring to mind. But what exactly is it? Yes, it's a career, but if we look a little closer, for many people it genuinely is an art form—an expression of their aesthetic.
Graphic design is the practice of using words, pictures, and other visual elements to communicate ideas to an audience, often in order to achieve a certain result. To put it another way, graphic design is communication design; it is a means of expressing ideas via imagery and style.

Graphic design has a great scope in almost every industry. Industries need graphic designers to get good graphics for their advertisements, there are also different types of graphic design like web designing, UI -UX designers, etc. 

Content Writer

Content is everything and everything is content. To reach more consumers or customers every company needs content and a content writer who can create good content for their company.
Companies pay good salaries and also recruit a large number of content writers.So one must learn to write good quality content.


Teaching has emerged as a hidden player after the covid. During the lockdown we have seen increase in the number of teachers all around the world. 
Remember that anybody can be a teacher but not everybody can be a good teacher. So to be a good teacher you must have the skill of teaching.
These days we have seen some educational startups have become unicorn like Byjus,Physics wallah etc.
Educational startups like Byjus, Physics wallah, Vendantu, Unacademy etc pays a very good amount to the teachers with a good teaching skill.
Not only these but in India many coaching centers which gives preparation coaching for government jobs pays a very good amount of money to the teachers. 

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